Classes for Adults

Adult classes are more movement and less martial arts. We focus on natural movement that can be used everyday in normal life.

This is the class you’ve been waiting for!

This is not a bootcamp, nor a fitness class. It doesn’t require special clothes, or shoes, and you will not be asked to Om…

There are as many ways to do health and fitness as there are people in the world.

All ages and abilities welcome.

This is a wellness class created exclusively to honour the changing seasons of every-body’s everyday life.

Learn the ways to fit movement and the habits of wellness into the context of your already full life. This is integrated movement for whole body wellness.

No-body needs to “go hard” all the time to be strong and healthful. We have enough to do already. We are already spreading ourselves thin enough with commitments, shoulds and the occasional Big Wild Dream (if you dare). So come and learn skills and develop balance in your mind, body and spirit.

Motion Sessions

  • for anyone who loves to move
  • Weekly Sessions are scheduled during the day. 
  • Individuals must book your time in advance on our calendar. 
  • Class numbers are restricted to 7 adults
  • Class is 45 minutes 
  • First Class is Free
  • casual class attendance $20 or 
  • 10-week Pass : $120 

Attention : Adults with small children

It’s highly likely that your children will want to join you, and that’s okay with Hollie. Be sure to have a towel and a ball for your child, be ready to mute your microphone, and expect them to lose interest before the end of the class 🙂

Little people are VIPs in Motion Classes.

See available timeslots here>>>

Exercise for Wellness

A wellness journey requires flexibility, adaptability and dynamic awareness. This class encourages curiosity in and for your body. It’s supportive and functional and invites you to really anchor what it is to be in a human body, right now.

This class recognises that Wellness happens via a series of appropriate responses to a human being’s constantly varying states of relating to the world.

We call those states : Motion.

Learn functional skills

Learn how to incorporate movement into your everyday life in useful, ways that benefit your wellness journey. Drawing on traditional martial arts concepts, combined with functional (scientifically supported) modern practice. Includes :

  • movement that benefits your everyday
  • movement that challenges your mind and body
  • movement as nutritional experience
  • movement that supports you in feeling secure in the world
  • movement for regeneration
  • movement for mindfulness
  • movement for self development
  • movement for better habits (in every area of your life)

This class is for anyone who wishes to build confidence, healthy habits and joyful, autonomy everyday.

Be strong, balanced and beautiful.

Motion includes Natural Movement Training, Martial Arts and Corrective Exercise.

The technology you’ll need to participate in a class 

  • a device that connects to the internet – this can be a phone, a tablet, laptop or desk top computer 
  • the Zoom app on the device (you will receive a link when you book your session)
  • a decent enough internet connection 
  • additionally, Google Docs can be helpful to track your 10Pass Session Payments 

Other things you’ll need to participate in a class 

  • a place to train – this can be your lounge room, bedroom, patio, backyard or even the local park – at the very least ensure you have 3mx2m of clear space 
  • comfortable clothing in which your child can jump, squat and crawl
  • a bouncing ball and a bath towel

If you’re ready for Ninja fun, you can speed up the process by 

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