Whether it's face to face or online, Ninja Training encourages a better life.

Motion Ninja Academy is online and face to face Ninja Training. Do you strive for the best quality of life? You’ve come to the right place if you wish to;

  • challenge yourself
  • transform and
  • Self Craft an ultimately functional life.

At MNA, we teach an integrative framework for personal development via movement and self awareness, for wholebody wellness.

How online Ninja Training came to be 

Hollie founded MNA in 2017, when she was approached locally to teach self defence classes and a holiday program for children. At request of members, she developed a ranking system and curriculum in 2019. 

During the bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic, MNA found a way to continue delivery of classes to members. As a result, Live Online Ninja Training Classes were born.

Ninja Training is for anyone wanting to build skills and strength

Who is Motion for?

Ninja Training is perfect for anyone who wants to increase

  • strength
  • fitness
  • mobility
  • function and
  • fun in their life.

If you wish to increase the quality of your life, Ninja Training provides avenues for positive growth.

Firstly, regardless of age or skill level, Ninjas learn the safest and most effective positions for moving your body. No previous movement skills are required.

All classes are scaled to individual ability and confidence level. Moreover, the less you’re capable of when you begin, means the more room you have to blossom and grow!

Welcome to Motion

Ninja Training face to face or online

Motion Ninja Academy is an integrative framework for personal development. Therefore, you will learn skills in movement and self awareness, for wholebody wellness.

Wellness = Quality of Life.

Our Academy is for people who strive for the best quality of life.

A wellness journey requires flexibility, adaptability and dynamic awareness. Similarly, our Academy encourages curiosity in and for

  • your body
  • your mind, and
  • in your relationships.

MNA promotes holistic and healthful living. For example, taking into account the health of your whole self, your community and the Planet.

Life is made up of a series of responses to a human being’s constantly varying states of relating to the world.

A conscious and capable human reflects a Self Crafted response to life’s changes, from skill and functional choice. Above all, this is a different result from the destructive, unbalanced reaction that comes from an unmanaged mind and unhealthy body.

We call these functional states : Motion.

Online Ninja Training

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