C-FORCE Humans

C-FORCE is a term coined by Hollie in response to the requirements of raising children who will be a contribution to a better world.

The MNA philosophy includes encouraging valuable virtues in a child (and ourselves); specifically Function, Optimism and Optimal Ability, Resilience, Courage and Epic-ness. Simply : FORCE.

Force as an action could obviously be used for positive or negative outcomes. That’s why at MNA we start with Compassion, before Force : C-FORCE.

Any action that is taken with a filter of compassion, ensures a contribution that takes others into account, and is more likely to benefit the entire community.

Ninjas are committed to intrinsically motivated Self Crafting, to develop into the most capable human they can be. Ninjas are people who consciously choose the way they think, move, eat and do life.

Motion Ninja Academy Principles

MNA is intended to be a wholebody, wholelife framework for optimal wellness.
Integrated & Functional

Ninja Training is an integrative program for personal growth through physical and mental development. Taught in a modern, realistic framework, the program also draws on traditional concepts, and is designed to contribute to success in all aspects of life.

Ninjas work on skills that include the athleticism of a gymnastics class, the discipline of martial arts and the excitement of freestyle movement play. All classes are designed to develop and enhance students’ basic skills, fitness and self awareness.

Combining comprehensive functional movement drills, rolls, kicks and climbing, and obstacle course racing, the skills of Ninja Training provide a way to set targets and achieve.

Ninjas are consistently challenged physically and mentally. Sometimes training may seem difficult, and persistence will be necessary. Learning to confront challenges builds strength of character and teaches students that they can overcome obstacles.

Martial arts are founded on ‘martial’ skill, honour, discipline, and diligence. Ninja Training delivers the essence of true martial arts with the most efficient movement patterns and non-traditional, therapeutic teaching techniques.

Classes focus on developing functional movement patterns including combat/defence skills, and physical attributes for being a helpful, capable human. Fitness is also included in every class, often via gamification.

Training for Non-Violence

Training in combat sports in a facilitated environment is part of a commitment to providing a space for people to test skills while saying No to violence. Defending yourself for real, on the street, or in your home is not a regular occurrence for most people, but by training in the skills, Ninja Training helps you develop the confidence and self awareness to never be a victim.

Combat skills are taught as a developmental pathway for feeling safe and confident in the world. Students are taught when and where it’s appropriate to use their fighting skills. All self defence skills are for use only if necessary. Awareness and a positive attitude are the most important skills for self defence.

Motion Ninja Academy students are expected to participate in the spirit of training ? in and outside class. If there is a violent incident, it may need to be reviewed by your coach, and you could be prohibited from attending sessions.

Therapeutic Coaching

The Motion Ninja Academy mission is to motivate, educate and inspire students through creative, high energy classes and positive encouragement.

Sessions are designed to help the student develop physical and physiological skills, confidence and self-discipline. Focus is on integrative techniques, encouraging progressive, functional movement, and self regulation to help people become more capable humans. It’s not only the teaching of skills, but also the method of teaching and the teacher’s delivery that comes together to contribute to positive, balanced growth in the student.

Through developing basic motor skills, Ninjas develop a healthy attitude to movement and embodiment, for lifelong benefits. As students develop self confidence, the movement skills and martial arts techniques often become background to the real work of self discipline and personal growth.

Ninjas learn to increase focus by having clear targets and working to reach them through consistency and hard work. As students progress through the ranks the technical and fitness requirements increase, so that self-discipline becomes a necessary skill.

By learning how to protect themselves, and how to move through obstacle courses, students develop confidence in their ability to handle life’s challenges. In turn, improved confidence can give individuals the courage to say no to negative influences, and to choose beneficial patterns.

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