Coach Hollie B.

Your Coach is Hollie B.

Martial Arts Australia Member # 153569

National Women’s Martial Arts Federation member #60495943

Hollie is a double black belt, natural-movement coach and Clinical Counsellor with a focus on Compassionate Training to develop Functional, Optimal, Resilient, Courageous, Epic Humans (C-FORCE).   

She is an off-grid bus dwelling, constantly moving, luna-loving, wellness obsessed mother of two formerly home-educated children, living at the foot of the Budawangs in south eastern New South Wales, Australia. 

Hollie started Martial Arts in 1985, experiencing first hand the damaging results of old skool “no-pain-no-gain” teaching practices. Motion Ninja Academy sheds the unhealthy authoritarian ways of before, to offer a different kind of curriculum. MNA is led by the awareness that families require safe spaces where autonomous children can be taught with mutual respect and compassionate mentorship. 

Hollie knows what it’s like to live far from the best resources while supporting kids to grow into C-FORCE humans. She has spent hundreds of late nights on rural roads, driving her hip hop dancing son to training (the studio is an hour and a half from home) and to competitions across the State. As a child herself, Hollie spent hours in the car travelling to dojos for advanced training (day and night) all over Gippsland, Victoria. In developing a model for Online Live Modern Martial Arts Classes, it is her intention that families can spend less time in the car and more time doing other things they love together. 

Her mission is to support people who know there’s more to life, to craft the best self-version so far. She is passionate about empowering people to live well, with an unlimited and unbound life.

Hollie has a respectful disregard for the status quo and mainstream culture. She promotes choice and believes in the capacity of human beings to do extraordinary things, when they live authentically.

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Member #60495943


MNA is a branch of the Institute for Self Crafting.

Institute for Self Crafting is Hollie’s Company that values Contribution, Authentic Connection and a Self Crafted Life.

Institute for Self Crafting is for people who believe this world is so much more than what the mainstream paradigm is offering.

This is for anyone who is ready for immediate change to live your most desirable life.

Everything here is designed to inspire and support you to take actions that set you free from the boring, limiting boxes that everyone else is tolerating. Self Crafting is the process of eliminating the blockages that keep you from being everything you could be.

Learn how to use traditional wisdom in the areas of mental, environmental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to build a life overflowing with benefits. Sessions, events, books and online content promote personal, positive action so that anyone can be the full contribution they came to this life to be.

You know you are living a Self Crafted Life when you are responding from autonomous choice, rather than reacting from fear. Self Crafters create connections that out-thrive all else society has to offer.

Our people are truly the artisans of their own reality.

The Institute for Self Crafting is a tree with many branches:

Self Crafted Wellness

When you’re jaded by the other options – been let down by practitioners and professionals, have tried everything and you’re still not well. Removing confusion from the different information about health out there.

For people who are ready to take action for a better quality of life. Arm yourself with the most cutting edge, wellness specific, usable information you can use right away, to get out of stuckness and into the best version of your life. Self Crafted Wellness will give you the edge you’re looking for.


Wise Gatherings

With deep concern for the loss of wisdom.

For seekers who believe that the preservation of traditional wisdom is a key to a sustainable and beauty-full world. Whether you’d prefer an educational lecture, a professional conference or a spiritual retreat, we have an event that will serve your search for knowledge and help you to reach unlimited potential. Wise Gatherings is a purveyor of quality events promoting the spreading of traditional wisdom, holistic living and the Mysteries. We offer various entry points for anyone who desires a community of authentic wisdom keepers and seekers. | @wisegatherings

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