Natural Movement is a therapeutic practice to reconnect you to your innate ability to be strong, flexible and authentically Well.

What is Natural Movement?

Natural Movement is a study of practical, real-world movement. It focuses on the progressional aspects of human movement development, and includes the types of movements that humans do all over the world, and have always done, at all ages, for the purposes of survival, recreation and leisure.

Why do Natural Movement?

Developing a Natural Movement practice aims to restore and/or maintain wellness. (Re)learning to move in the universal ways of all human beings, can be a liberating and healing experience, both physically and emotionally.

People who are competent in the skills of natural movement can meet everyday demands and respond to practical situations requiring physical ability. People who Move Well are useful to themselves, and their community.

Natural Movement is also a way to encounter and experiment with Mindfulness. By emphasising embodied awareness we become more connected to Physical experience, as well as our Emotional, Mental, Environmental and even Spiritual self. (The 5Elements of Wellness).

What is Movnat?

Hollie is a Certified Movnat Trainer. MovNat is entirely based on the practice of Natural Movement skills, i.e. movements that the human body was designed or “selected” to perform.

MovNat is a physical education & fitness system based on the full range of natural human movement abilities. These include the locomotive skills of walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing & swimming. In addition we practice the manipulative skills of lifting, carrying, throwing & catching.

Some Movnat Principles include being:

  • practical
  • adaptable
  • efficient
  • instinctual
  • cooperative
  • universal
  • unspecialised
  • evolutionary

MovNat’s method symbiotically develops positional and breath control, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, adaptability and resiliency, as well as focus/mindfulness and mental fortitude.

I experience pain when I exercise, can I do Natural Movement?

Movnat is about Movement. If you move any part of your body, you can do Movnat.

Self Crafted Wellness Principles tell us “Every-Body is intelligent, unique and changeable.”  You will be astonished how your body responds to practicing its natural movements. The complex and adaptable movement patterns practiced in MovNat promote self regulation for mind and body, contributing to wholebody wellness.

What Natural Movement is NOT

Natural Movement is not another fitness fad. It does not utilise complex or expensive gym equipment, nor is it only available to fit young people who can perform handstands, pullups and daily HIIT sessions….

Therapeutic Natural Movement relies on mindful movements, ongoing practice and embodied awareness. There is an entry level for Every-Body.

Although Natural Movement is sometimes used as part of a physical fitness program, that is only one of many possible ways to interact with the practice. When used therapeutically, attention is focused on clearing up compensatory patterns that are causing chronic pain.

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