Need to Know

The technology you’ll need to participate in an online class 

  • a device that connects to the internet – this can be a phone, a tablet, laptop or desk top computer 
  • the Zoom app on the device (you will receive a link when you book your session)
  • a decent enough internet connection 
  • additionally, Google Docs can be helpful to track your 10Pass Session Payments 

Other things you’ll need to participate in a class 

  • a place to train – this can be your lounge room, bedroom, patio, backyard or even the local park – at the very least ensure you have 3mx2m of clear space 
  • comfortable clothing in which your child can jump, squat and crawl
  • a bouncing ball and a bath towel

Optional extras for participating in a class 

  • wireless headphones for better listening 
  • the full Motion Ninja Training Package (includes a 10Pass, MNA Member Card, printed “Ninja Bible” Curriculum, white bandana, Tshirt, embroidered towel, ball, bag, all shipped to you anywhere in Australia)

If you’re ready for Ninja fun, you can speed up the process by 

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