Privacy Online

Live Online Classes are held on the Zoom platform, which includes video connection. 

When Hollie can see your child on video, she is able to provide feedback and praise, both important in developing a supportive mentoring relationship with your child.  

By participating in a class you are aware that other participating families will be able to see your child and your living area on the screen. 

All families have the option to switch off video for privacy. If your video is switched off, you will still be able to see Hollie on your screen. Please note that if Hollie can’t see your child, she will not be able to provide feedback. Your child can still ask questions even with video switched off, via the microphone function (built into the device). 

If you require 100% privacy in class, including no sharing of your child’s name, you must alert Hollie 24 hours before your first session. Please remember that Zoom shows participant’s names on the screen, so if you’re concerned about this you will need to change your name in your Zoom account. 

Hollie is a clincal registered counsellor (PACFA #25488), and will keep your personal information entirely confidential. As a mandatory reporter under statute, on the rare occasion that Hollie is concerned for the safety of your child, she may have to share information with the authorities. If it were the case that Hollie was required by law to make a report about your child, she would not be required to discuss this with you beforehand.

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