Responsibility & Injury

Online Live Classes are not a substitute for appropriate supervision for your child. An adult must be nearby at all times during class, in case of accidental injury.

Parents and adult individuals are required to sign an online waiver form before you first attend a MNA class. No signed form, no Zoom link supplied.

Find the MNA Member Contract Form here >>>

Hollie and Motion Ninja Academy promise to deliver a safe and supportive program of movement and wellness education to all participants of MNA classes.

Families participating in Live Online MNA Classes must agree to provide a safe training space for children including;

  • a clear floor space no less than 3mx2m protection from falling objects eg. books and figurines on nearby shelves
  • no other distractions eg. toddlers and pets must be restrained from the training area
  • sun protection if using an outdoor location 

Hollie is a Certified Movnat Trainer and certified and insured Martial Arts Instructor with Martial Arts Australia.

MAA Member #53569

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